Four Star Mushroom Feast for 2: Available 2/19 – 2/21

We’ve teamed up with our local Logan Square grower friend Joe from FourStar Mushroom to get some fresh mushrooms, and also got a nice shipment from our old friends at Far West Fungi to create a fun Mushroom Dinner for 2 this weekend!

Here’s what we’ll be making for you:

1) Lions Mane Mushroom Schnitzel Croquettes: We’ll sous-vide fat slices of lions mane mushrooms in a 3 month aged mushroom shoyu, then pack them in a thin layer of mashed potatoes before frying up in panko bread crumbs, served with Brussels kraut and a Lions Mane Aioli

2) Roasted Sunchoke, Apple, and Kale Salad: Served with Black Trumpet Mushroom and Nori Croutons

3) Smoked Blue Foot Oyster Mushroom Sugo Pasta: Penne Pasta, Fennel Confit, Pickled Peppers, Almond Parmesan

4) Candy Cap Mushroom Cashew Cheesecake

This dinner requires some very minimal cooking, you’ll have to heat a few things in the oven, and cook noodles, but we provide excellent instructions.

Because we’re limited in how many mushrooms are available, we do need to limit the number of orders we get this weekend!
I hear we’re getting a fancy write up in Eater Chicago today, so if you’d like to beat the crowd, you can order by clicking below:

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