Dinner @ Fancy Plants Kitchen

Fancy Plants Kitchen is a new farm to table vegan restaurant at 1443 Fullerton Ave in Chicago.
We’re a collaborative team of cooks and service professionals led by Kevin Schuder (founding chef of Fancy Plants Catering, Fancy Plants Cafe, and SuperNatural Foods)

We are open everyday from 8:00 – 4:00 featuring Big Shoulders coffee and espresso, Rishi Tea, house made pastries, an assortment of gluten free pastries from Mindful Baking, soups, salads, sandwiches, daily specials, and takeout menu items.

If you are interested in seeing our daytime cafe menu, you can place an online order from our app here, or just simply come in.

In the evenings we are open Fridays – Sundays from 5:00 – 9:00, and offer a Happy Hour, as well as a lush menu of exciting and inspiring plant based cuisine that celebrates the bounties of New Vegan Cooking.
While we do occasionally enjoy a Beyond Burger, here in the Kitchen we move away from corporate processed meat alternatives, and instead choose to focus on modern and traditional techniques that place produce front and center.

You know, like Fancy Plants. Get it?

If you got it, you might want to hurry and book a reservation on the Official Fancy Plants Kitchen Tock page.
We have a very spacious, airy dining room, and we do keep some nice distancing between tables, so we do tend to fill up quite early.
Don’t say we didn’t warn you. The FOMO is real.

Our Wok Fired Cauliflower: Shingtsao Cooking Wine, Onion Miso, Jalapeno, Basil, Lemon, and Fried Shallots
Our Quinoa Bowl: Fried Rice Style.
You know how grain bowls are a trend (weren’t they always?)
We finish quinoa in our high powered wok, and serve it with toppings that we love in a vegan chirashi
(aka, a sushi bowl). Three realities colliding into one refreshing and delectable dish, with a touch of smoky ‘wok hei’ from our high heat wok station.
This is the current iteration of our dinner menu for you! We have less entrees and are heavier on the share plates, as we are just really excited for them. This menu will continue to expand and evolve as we do.

The Fancy Plants Bar!
In the evening, it twinkles and glows, our bartenders are friendly, and the food and wine flows.
More Cocktails to come this weekend and the following!

For 5 years in San Francisco, I was the chef for both Yield and Pause Wine Bars (one had success, so we started the other) and creating that jovial drink environment with food where ‘everybody knows your name’ is something I hope to achieve here during our Fancy Plants Happy Hour 5 – 6:30 as well.

At Fancy Plants Kitchen we welcome your morning,
And we’ll warm your croissant while your coffee is pouring,
There’s hashbrown crust quiche with custard smoother than silk,
Pulling shots of espresso for your hot steamed oat milk.
Sit with a computer, sit with a friend,
Enjoy our free wifi with a booth at each end,
Over in the kitchen, our cooks are preparing away,
Readying for the evening when dinner is underway.
When the afternoon is ripe and the bar well endowed
We polish the glasses for our Happy Hour crowd.
Here is your beer, your spirit, or fermented juice of the vine,
We’ll get you some snacks if you’re having a gay time,
Stay for some supper, there’s plenty to share,
We fix food so fine that there’s flavor to spare.
Eat for your health, for pleasure, eat to feel the glow,
When you make a meal of plants, you’ll stay frisky you know…
Impress your date, your family, ‘can you believe this is vegan?’
The times are a changin,’ there’s more room in heaven,
In the midst of the clamor, the sizzle, the din and the cheer,
Old friends have gathered and new friends share a beer,
But now we’ve all eaten, spoken, drank and amen,
Tomorrow we’ll have our coffee and do it again.

Hope to see you soon at The Kitchen,

Once again, you can make your dinner reservations here,

and as always, it’s an honor to feed you.



Arancini di Riso: Fried risotto ball filled with cashew mozzarella, and served with marinara and our almond parmesan
The Street Scene outside of FPK
Drink up. You earned it.
Ok… ONE MORE! Our Manager Kylie serving up an espresso martini for you.
Our Chef Kevin, getting some air on our patio.
The patio is 3000 sq. ft. and seats nearly 100 people.
Summer 2022 better look out…
Get the glow…
… and just like that, it’s a new day.
Our Rancilio espresso machine is steaming hot today, and Kevin made you a chocolate croissant.

Good Morning! You got this.

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