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NY Bagel & Carrot Lox Platter (for 6)

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We're quite proud of our vegan 'Bagels + Lox' and they've garnered quite a following.
We bury whole carrots in salt, and slowly bake them so the salt extracts moisture from the carrots, changing the texture, and essentially 'curing' them, and then we smoke them and marinate them in our specially seasoned olive oil.

In this platter you will get:
1) 6 NY Bagels
2) 1 pint of our cultured cashew cream cheese
3) A generous tray of our Cured Smoked Carrot Lox
4) Sliced Tomatoes
5) Thinly Sliced Red Onions
6) Shaved Cucumbers
7) Capers
8) Lemon

Treat your morning to a platter of our tasty bagels and lox!

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