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Four-Star Mushroom Dinner for 2: Available 8/1 & 8/2

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We’re getting some excellent mushrooms grown by Chicagos very own FourStar Mushrooms for a lovely 5-course dinner this weekend!

This is one of our most popular menu themes, even as the ingredients and dishes change to fit the seasons.
That said, here is the menu for this fun dinner:

1) Smoked Black Trumpet Mushroom, Heirloom Tomato, and Blue Cheese Bruschetta: We’ll cook and hardwood smoke some excellent black trumpet mushrooms and mix them in with fresh heirloom tomatoes to serve on bruschetta, and top it off with our very own blue cheese made with actual Roquefort culture that has been aged for a month
2) King Trumpet Mushroom Ceviche with Chilled Sweetcorn Soup: We’ll briefly cook King Trumpet Mushrooms before marinating them in herbs and fresh squeezed citrus, and serve it over a chilled sweetcorn soup

3) Oyster Mushroom Pate with Crostini: We make a delectable mushroom pate using our vegan brie, and serve it with hazelnuts and our Nut and Seed Bread

4) Campenelle Pasta with Mushroom Ragout and Summer Vegetables: Campanella Pasta with Mushroom Ragout: Ragout of Fennel Braised Mushrooms, with Bloomsdale Spinach, Summer Squash, Tomato, White Wine and Herbs, topped with our Almond Parmesan. One of my favorite dishes. All you need to do is boil the pasta (we'll give instructions), heat up the sauce, mix, and grate over the parmesan!

5) Candy Cap Mushroom Candy Bar:
Candy cap mushrooms have a sweet maple flavor to them, and are actually primarily used in desserts in many fancy restaurants. We’ll be using them to make an excellent cashew based cheesecake that we’ll dip in chocolate to turn into a candy bar, similar to a ‘Three Musketeers.’ This probably sounds a bit crazy, but when you’ve had candy cap mushrooms, it’s difficult to think of it being used in a savory preparation. Surprise yourself! This dish is a hit

Thank you so much, and we look forward to feeding you!


-Kevin, Valerie, and Dave

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