Fancy Plants Meal Delivery

Perhaps you remember when Fancy Plants Catering had a bustling weekly vegan meal plan delivery, but we put it on pause because we started up the cafe?
I’m proud to say we’ve revived our delivery, fused it with the cafe operation, and are starting a bigger, broader delivery service with the cafe being open for pickup as well!

Every day.

Now you can enjoy breakfast items, pastries, pantry staples, and thoughtful meals we’ve prepared for you at home.

Simply order the day before, and you can have dinner for several nights, and even some freshly baked vegan croissants the next morning.

Our entrees, sides, soups, salads, and vegan cheeses for delivery keep well for at least 5 days, and we’ll give you instructions and recommended expiration dates for anything you purchase, as well as share recipes and cooking tips.

Here’s how this works:

1) The order you place is for the next day, and there is a $40 minimum.  For smaller orders, you can simply call the cafe at (773) 857-1588, and you can check our regular inventory as well for same day pickup.

2) Our pickup hours are from 8:00 am – 4 pm at Fancy Plants Cafe, 613 W. Briar Place in the East Lakeview neighborhood.

3) The fee for delivery is $10, but free if you order over $200.  We’re currently only delivering to a broad radius surrounding the cafe on the the north side of Chicago, and our online store will let you know if you’re in our zone at checkout (you probably are.)  Curbside pickup is preferred, but we organized delivery to service people who might not have the means to come by

4) Our deliveries start at 9:00 each day, and run until 3:00.
Please specify if you have a certain time you would like delivered, and we will do our best to accommodate.

5) 10% of our sales will go preparing meals for people who are in a difficult financial situation, and will be available every Thursday at 3:00 pm.  Back when I was first starting to cook professionally at the fancy Millennium Restaurant in San Francisco, I had also started a soup kitchen for those in need in the Mission District in San Francisco.  We’ll be cooking for those in need here in Chicago.
Through the magic of cooking, even $100 can make 100 hearty portions of hearty soup, and we’re committed to helping all of us get through this.

When all of this blows over, we’ll be VERY excited to cook some inventive, fun, and thoughtful dinner parties, and hanging out with you at the cafe again.  Needless to say, 90% of our business involves a strong social aspect, but I can say with the utmost confidence that 100% of our business is built around the art of vegan cooking.

We are very devout cooks, and cook we shall.

We look forward to feeding you!


-Kevin & FPC Team

Gourmet Greek Vegan Feast for 2

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A generous Greek Vegan Feast for 2!

We'll give you:

1) Tzatziki- Our tzatziki starts with our housemade yogurt, to which we add shredded cucumber, olive oil, lemon, sea salt, and dill.
2) Skordalia: Skordalia is traditionally a rich potato, garlic, caper, lemon, and olive oil spread (with extra emphasis on the garlic), and our version uses cauliflower as well to make it extra creamy.
3) Eggplant: We make a Greek-style roasted eggplant spread with plenty of parsley, olive oil, garlic, and a little scallion and red wine vinegar for pop.
4) Tomato-Cucumber-Feta Salad: Fresh tomatoes, cucumbers, and finely diced red onions, tossed with our housemade almond feta, olive oil, red wine vinegar, and a generous amount of parsley
5) Freshly Baked Pita!

For your entree, you'll get:

6) Spanakopita: Also known as 'Skopelitiki' from the island of Skopelos, this is a Greek 'rolled pie' filled with wilted fresh spinach, melted leeks, and housemade almond feta, with plenty of olive oil and herbs.

And for Dessert:

7) Chocolate Raspberry Tart! Made by our friends at Mindful Baking

Have yourself a pleasant dinner!

-Kevin, Valerie, and Dave

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